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Account Managers

You will begin developing a relationship with your account manager before you even begin running your campaign, and they will remain your primary source of contact throughout . Our account managers aim to treat you like a big brand client and work with you to develop a custom brand strategy to match your budget.

A Jack of All Trades

We ensure that our account managers have the knowledge to build a strategy on every platform. When you speak with one, he or she will help you combine all or some of the different tools we offer in order to create a successful campaign that won't break the bank. The account manager will analyze your current brand management offerings and strategies and present an assessment before you even sign up. Once you do sign up, he or she will continue to offer suggestions, support, and more throughout the length of your campaign in order to ensure that you understand its progress and to present opportunities when they arise.

Beyond Marketing

Our account managers want to make your experience with us positive and informative. Our goal isn't to run a simple campaign, set it, and forget it. We aspire to help you understand the tools we use so you get the most out of our branding experience. If ever you lose touch with your account manager, you can reach out to them by clicking here.

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