Just because you will never speak with our analysts directly doesn't mean they don't have an incredibly important job. They serve as our checks and balances system behind the curtain. They possess certifications in all of the tools we offer and spend their days combing through our campaigns in order to guarantee that each performs admirably and consistently. They also run tests on in order to develop new strategies in existing campaigns. This allows us to know their effectiveness before we even introduce them as an option for a campaign strategy.

Staying in the Loop

Our analysts exist to ensure that all of our campaigns receive equal treatment and that they get serviced each and every day. They ensure that any red flags get communicated to the account managers and creative teams immediately in order to develop the right adjustment that will keep the campaigns running smoothly.

New Territory

We always aim to discover new strategies to apply to our campaigns. The analysts are constantly creating new ways to promote your business. Check in with your account managers periodically to see what new options we may have available.

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