Case Studies

We work hard to do a great job for each and every one of our clients, and as such, we like to promote campaigns that truly shine by creating and publishing actual case studies about clients we take on. Take the time to read through these and get an idea of some of the varying strategies we have applied based on different business models. This will show you that we take a unique and custom approach to each and every campaign.

Force-e Dive Centers

In June 2011, Force-E asked us to launch a Facebook campaign that would build a social environment and encourage fans to attend events at its retail locations. Before launching the campaign, we redesigned the Force-E Facebook Page. We then ran targeted ads to reach experienced divers as well as people who would likely enjoy the experience but hadn't tried it yet.

Luv My Bag

Marla of Luv My Bag had been struggling to build a Facebook presence. When she joined Brandefined, she had 207 likes from 9 years of hard work. Her strategist worked to build a campaign. Her likes quickly increased and her new content strategy paid off in higher engagement as well as more sales for her business. We also designed a landing page that encouraged even more interaction.

Sugarplum Bulldogs

Sugarplum's campaign had excellent results. Puppies appeal to a huge audience and can be a very social topic, making it perfect to market on Facebook. The owner's innate passion for her puppies translates into natural interactions on a business page. Focusing on the puppies helped her connect with her audience that we acquired by placing the ads in front of interested people on Facebook.

We had a unique approach for ExtexToys because, while safe children's stilts aren't a widespread product, they're Extex's main source of revenue. The good news is that the market for toys that double as exercise equipment is lacking. The campaign that we ran included a video ad, a popular and effective medium for advertising on Facebook.

King Jewelers

King Jewelers is another company with a beautiful product to which people respond well. The key to this campaign's performance was combining the budget to give the strongest ads the most traction as well as redirecting to their Facebook page. Merging the campaigns allowed the spend to reinforce the best performing ads.

Elizabeth Wray Design

Elizabeth Wray runs a floral design studio near Chicago. She specializes in creating beautiful, luxurious designs that fit any wedding. She had entered a contest that required Facebook users to vote for her business through an online portal. Once she had enough votes, the bank would consider her for a small business grant to help her go green.

Killin' Time Fishing Charters

Killin' Time Fishing Charters runs one of the largest charter boats in South Florida. Tom Oberrender and his crew offer tours throughout Boca Raton which include deep-sea ocean fishing. While some of our other case studies focus on a particular goal, Tom simply needed a social media boost and came to us to spread general awareness for his charter.

Crown to Heels

If you live in or near Vicksburg, MS and need women's Prom, Pageant, or Formal Wear, then Crown to Heels has you covered. With the majority of proms and pageants happening in the spring and summer seasons, we knew that we could get a head start for formal wear businesses by creating campaigns for them during the late winter months.