Company History

Our founders spent a decade working in various positions within the online marketing industry and began noticing that there was a gap for small businesses. Busy small business owners were forced to piece together their own advertising strategies through different companies all over the web while gaining no understanding of proper management and results. They decided to change that by creating Brandefined, a company whose vision is to help small businesses develop the knowledge and brand recognition to combine their convoluted advertising efforts into a cohesive strategy.

Our Mission

We believe strongly that small businesses make up the backbone and engine of our country, and that a strong small business translates into a stronger community. That’s why our mission is to adapt, develop, and implement big brand strategies for small businesses.

In our opinion, an advertising company cannot dictate a strategy to a client, but must instead cultivate said strategy by building a relationship through an extensive dialogue. We focus on educating our clients instead of selling them, and we strongly believe that once small business owners fully understand the way these advertising venues work together, they will make the right choice.

We educate our clients the same way whether they sign up for our services or not. We do this with the hope that, when a client needs a hand, they will turn to us.