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If you are in the market for Prom, Pageant, or formal wear, then Crown to Heels has you covered. The Vicksburg, MS, shop carries the latest formal styles from the hottest designers in the store and online.

With the majority of proms and pageants happening in the spring and summer seasons, we knew that we could get a head start for formal wear businesses by creating campaigns for them during the late winter months. We began the campaign for Crown to Heels in early February, close enough to the spring to be relevant while still far enough away to get out ahead of the pack and give our advertising efforts a major jumpstart.

When it comes to teen formal wear for proms and pageants, parents most often make the actual purchase, and many advertisers would take this opportunity to advertise to them. While it is a smart tactic, no one will spend more time looking at dresses and influencing purchase decisions than the teens themselves. We know that once a teen falls in love with the perfect outfit, their parents will have almost no choice.

While traditional advertising may throw a large net out, hoping to catch the eye of the right teen, Facebook was perfect for our strategy, as we were able to not only focus on showing ads to interested teens, but to narrow the field to individuals financially able to purchase these designs. This required a sharper focus on including teens who have searched for or expressed an interest in the major brands the shop offers. Consumer knowledge and pursuit of these brands helped us identify the income level needed to turn clickers into buyers.

We also decided to focus exclusively on news feed ads, as we understand the importance of placing large, engaging photos of designer dresses directly in front of teens, where they can see them, bold and beautiful, as they scroll past. 

Campaign Performance

The majority of our clients want to raise the number of Likes on their Facebook Page, but Crown to Heels already had an uncharacteristically large number of Likes for a business their size. When they asked to direct the ads to their website, we agreed that this strategy was the most beneficial for grabbing new clients.

Our strategy put our client in front of exactly the right people. In just over a month, we tracked 2401 visitors to the client's website as a direct result of the campaign. They average around 100 clicks per day with a click through rate of 4.5%, which is huge for a low-cost Facebook campaign.

Our client is happy with the results. This sort of online traffic not only builds incredible value for your brand, but has a direct effect on sales. In the future, we hope to pair this with a Google remarketing campaign so we can develop ads that follow around these interested parties once they leave the site.

Force-e Dive Centers

In June 2011, Force-E asked us to launch a Facebook campaign that would build a social environment encouraging Facebook fans to attend events at its retail locations. Before launching the campaign, we redesigned the Force-E Facebook Page. We then ran carefully-targeted ads to reach experienced divers as well as people who would likely enjoy the experience but hadn't tried it yet.

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