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Elizabeth Wray runs a floral design studio near Chicago. She specializes in creating beautiful and luxurious designs that fit weddings of any style, theme, or location.

Elizabeth serves as a perfect example of our ability to build customized campaigns that directly fit the needs of our clients. After spending a over a year running a standard Facebook campaign with us, Wray reached out for help on a slightly different matter. She had entered a contest through the Chase Bank website that required a minimum of 250 Facebook users to vote for her business through an online portal. She informed us that once she had enough votes, the bank would consider her for a Chase Mission Street Grant, which is a small business grant that would give Elizabeth the opportunity to go completely green, and in turn boost her sales. However, she had signed up at the last minute and had only 4 days left to gather votes.

We began working immediately. We designed a few ads, some promoted posts, and some sponsored stories that we knew would help drive an increased amount of new traffic through her website. The campaign soared, and by the end of the four day contest, Elizabeth had reached nearly 70,000 Facebook users an average of 4.3 times each. We measured over 500 direct interactions with her page and 80% of those 500 also clicked through to her website. Despite all of this traffic, Elizabeth remained realistic about the contest. She understood that converting such a large number of people in such a small amount of time would be a long shot, but that didn't stop us working together to do everything we could.

The work paid off. Through our combined efforts, Elizabeth Wray Design came in just over the requirement for the grant consideration, and received 253 votes for her business. As a result, not only is she a happy candidate for a special small business grant, but she also helped prove how powerful an advertising solution Facebook can be.

Campaign Performance

Elizabeth's campaign performed well because we combined multiple Facebook solutions to build one comprehensive strategy. We began by placing promoted posts in the righthand column, newsfeed, and mobile devices of targeted users. This allowed us to maximize our exposure over a short period of time. Once we had a jumping off point, we visited the campaign daily and evolved our strategy in an attempt to keep it completely fresh while presenting the same information. With only four days to go, we knew we could create a lot of variety without running out of ideas. Each day we promoted new posts with updated content and tweaked the targeting to appeal to new audiences.

Keeping in mind Wray's goal of becoming a completely green business, we decided to include environmentally conscious users in the Chicago area who would respond to the cause regardless of their need for a florist. In the latter days of her campaign, we even used this tactic to extend our reach beyond Chicago to people in some of the top green cities around the country. This strategy became a tremendous success, especially when combined with simple, straight-forward instructions: "Click the link, connect your Facebook to Chase, and press 'Vote'." With our ambitious efforts, we created a diverse campaign that united an expansive subset of the Facebook community under a common goal: to support a small business owner who is trying to do the right thing.

Elegant Diamonds

Curtis joined Brandefined with a general Facebook campaign to further promote awareness for his business on the web. Once he began to see the benefits of using social media to boost his business, he decided he wanted to raise awareness for a Ladies' Night at his shop which would feature special guest massages, free food, diamond shopping, and tickets whose full proceeds would go to charity. Curtis gave us one month to help him.

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