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When Fred, Owner of, began advertising on Facebook, he knew his business would benefit from social media advertising, but he had no idea how to go about it. We started his campaign simply and directed ads to his website with a focus on his main product, Hijax Stilts. At first, he received a good amount of clicks, but didn't see the number of conversions we anticipated. We reevaluated his campaign results and used the data we found to convince him to direct the ads to his Facebook page. We also developed a content strategy that we would use to develop some consistency. Once we began posting, Fred noticed that the activity surrounding his Hijax Stilts increased online. Between the ads and Facebook posts, hits to the stilts on the website almost doubled as compared to the previous year. Sales multiplied by four from the previous summer , with Facebook advertising being one major factor in that increase. To date, Facebook has brought Extex Toys 1,124 clicks over a 90-day period to a mix of their Facebook page and website as well as 1,106 page engagements.

Campaign Performance

Fred's campaign performed well because we discovered the perfect balance between an interested audience and relevant content. While safe children's stilts are not a widely desired product, they serve as Extex's main source of revenue The good news is that this presents a unique product to a market lacking in toys that double as exercise equipment. The campaign that we ran also included a video ad, a popular and effective, yet still seldom used, medium for advertising on Facebook. His video ads reached a massive audience and successfully demonstrated his product which translated into a measurable increase in interest.

King Jewelers

King Jeweler has a beautiful product to which people respond well. The key to this campaign's performance was combining the budget to give the strongest ads the most traction as well as redirecting to their Facebook page. Merging the campaigns allowed the spend to reinforce the best performing ads, giving them more clicks once combined than when they were separate.

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