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Force-E Diver Centers offers diving tours and diving equipment for scuba and snorkeling throughout the southeast coast of Florida. It has three retail locations and its dives span ten different beaches.

In june 2011, Force-E Divers asked us to launch a Facebook campaign that would build a social environment encouraging Facebook fans to attend revenue-generating events at its retail locations. Before launching the ad campaign, we redesigned the Force-E Facebook Page with updated graphics and content. We then ran carefully-targeted ads to reach experienced divers as well as people who would likely enjoy the experience but hadn't tried it yet.

Our ad strategy included weekly Facebook Ads that promoted Page posts, as well as regularly-updated ads designed to attract fans and work in conjunction with our client's specific events. Our Page strategy included posting beautiful photos taken during underwater dives, mixed with promotions for specials and upcoming trips.

Force-E's Facebook fan base grew rapidly and we redesigned its Page to take advantage of the custom tab app. The landing Page promoted a special summer sale, which we ran alongside a Page post Ad to convert the growing number of fans into real revenue. The Page post ad pointed to the highlighted promotion on the Page, and during the sale, Force-E continued to post images and information about specific sale merchandise to remind its new fans and entice them to buy.

Campaign Performance

Once we saw the results of the sale, we deemed it a success. We created measurable buzz that began to draw people from Facebook to Force-E's retail locations. As a direct result of our latest three-day promotion promoted through the custom Facebook landing Page and several other online initiatives, Force-E has reported over $250,000 in sales revenue.

To date, we have generated 10,345 clicks and 21,374 actions with an average CTR of 0.15%. Force-E's clients have attended events that they discovered solely through Facebook Page posts and corresponding Sponsored Stories. We have produced the majority of Force-E's 7,500 fans and have contributed to its ability to open two new locations and expand its fleet to ten boats.

Luv My Bag

Marla of Luv My Bag had been struggling to build a Facebook presence. When she joined Brandefined, she had 207 likes from 9 years of hard work. Her strategist worked to build a campaign. Her likes increased and her new content strategy paid off in higher engagement as well as more sales. Brandefined also designed a landing page that encouraged even more interaction.

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