Graphic Design

Most small business owners, when starting their company, seldom have the time to pay attention to their brand continuity. Brand continuity refers to the consistency of your established image from one medium to another. For example, if you own a business with a storefront, it's important to ensure that your signage and logo also exist on your website and social media presence. But it goes deeper than that. Why not create a full design and color scheme for your web presence that matches the coloring and decor of the store itself? The more you tie your branding together visually, the more recognizable you become.¬†¬†Often it’s not the business who offers the best service that gets the customer, it’s the most familiar and recognized company.

Brand Awareness

When you make an appointment with our specialists, they will analyze your brand continuity even before they pick up the phone and call you. We like to ensure that we have made a personalized assessment of your brand so we can begin making custom suggestions about how to move towards strong brand continuity while adhering to the strict budgets to which most business owners adhere.

Managing Your Brand

If you have the ability and skill to build this brand continuity on your own, our specialists will guide you in the right direction by providing all of the pertinent information required to grow your brand yourself. If, however, you do not have access to the skills required, we have experienced graphic designers on staff who will produce logos, headers, print materials, Facebook page designs, micro-sites, and more for affordable one-time fees. Click here to view our gallery with samples of our work.

With Brandefined, you can take the educated step into brand awareness that you didn't even know you needed to take.

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