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Killin' Time Fishing Charters runs one of the largest charter boats in South Florida. Tom Oberrender and his crew offer tours throughout Boca Raton which include deep-sea ocean fishing.

Killin' Time represents a pretty common case when it comes to clients of Brandefined. While some of our other case studies focus on a particular goal, Tom simply needed a social media boost, and came to us to spread general awareness for his charter.

We've had experience with fishing charters, which gave us a jumping-off point. We knew that most fishing charters that operated out of vacation destinations would cater to people coming to visit rather than locals. With the targeting already in place, we simply had our analyst teams continually monitor the campaign to throw away stale ideas. We know that even though we can use similar tactics with each charter, every campaign behaves differently, and we still have to keep a rigorous eye on it.

Our attention paid off. In less than six months, we brought 2,168 new likes to Killin' Time's Facebook page, and we have continued that trend at a rate averaging 20 Likes per day. The click-through rates for this campaign go far beyond what we find normally in Facebook campaigns. Our client went from having nearly no Facebook presence to having a booming page in just a few months.

Campaign Performance

We can attribute the success of the campaign to a combination of a variety of ad types with some very strict campaign management. For our first general goal, we had to figure out how to bring people to the business page. We focused on those we knew would most likely choose Florida as a vacation destination. Then we used sponsored stories to put ads directly into the news feeds of interested users.

Once we had a good flow to the page, we began our second goal, which would remind people about the charter in order to coax them to visit the business while on vacations. In order to do this, we used mobile ads to put these posts into the news feeds of mobile users. When these users see the posts, we can remind them about Killin' Time while they are actively on vacation and searching for things to do.

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