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King Jewelers began Facebook marketing with four different campaigns, all targeting different areas. On their own, each generated a few clicks per day and promoted specials tailored to their respective locations. But upon further analysis, we found the performance lacking in comparison with our expectations for these types of campaigns. In order to promote further growth, we decided to combine all four campaigns into one and focus on two separate markets with a much larger budget. This increased the daily number of clicks from 3-5 in each campaign to an average of 26 . With this strategy, and through strict management, we retained multiple markets (Nashville and Miami) while tracking consistent and evenly distributed results.

After we generated a significant buzz in the original areas, we decided to redirect all ads to the King Jeweler Facebook page in an attempt to develop some social interaction. Almost immediately they began seeing an average of 60-65 clicks and 45 page likes per day, nearly tripling their former exposure. As the page continued to grow, we began folding in mobile ads and sponsored stories to expand their exposure even further. By this time, we were able to chart a measurable increase in reach on their Facebook page. Over the past three months, King Jewelers has received 2,774 new likes and 4,215 clicks through the campaign.

Campaign Performance

King Jewelers produces a beautiful product to which people respond well. The key to this campaign's performance lies in our decision to begin with a broad reach and then narrow the focus in order give the strongest ads the most traction. Once we gained success from this focused approach, our shift to promoting the business page kept people inside Facebook. When we merged the campaigns, it allowed the spend to reinforce the ads that performed the best and generate an increase in clicks as compared to when they were separate. As soon as we made the shift to the Facebook page, we saw a major spike in their interaction. Likes began multiplying until over the course of 90 days they received over 4,000 page engagements. They are thrilled with this performance and experimenting with running campaigns to various niche markets.

"Brandefined's attention to the little details has helped us significantly in building our Facebook following, ultimately allowing us a better opportunity at sharing our story via social media. When we first began our campaigns, it appeared that we were stretching ourselves too wide and were not able to gain any true traction social media-wise. However, after a few suggestions and adjustments by Brandefined we began seeing substantial growth with our Facebook audience. It was as if it happened overnight. The changes may have been minor but the results were major!" -David King, Owner of King Jewelers.

Elizabeth Wray Design

Elizabeth Wray runs a floral design studio near Chicago. She specializes in creating beautiful and luxurious designs that fit weddings of any style. She had entered a contest that required Facebook users to vote for her business through an online portal. She informed us that once she had enough votes, the bank would consider her for a small business grant.

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