Search Engines

Tech giants Google and Microsoft have made it nearly impossible to do business without an effective search engine strategy.  More and more companies are competing for limited space on the first page of relevant search results and this makes creating effective strategies increasingly difficult.  In the past, it was possible to purchase pay-per-click ads on a keyword or two and see an uptick in sales.  Today, the elements of an effective strategy are more involved and include digital footprint management, review and reputation management, brand continuity, social media management, content management, and skilled PPC management with analytics. This task is daunting but necessary and it requires a big picture strategy that comes from the relationships we build with our clients.

Standing out in the Crowd

Once an interested person gets to the research phase of the buying cycle, the strength of your brand falls immediately under scrutiny. These potential clients most often use search engines to perform this kind of research. First, you must ensure that you have a presence on relevant keywords. Then, when a user clicks a link that introduces them to your company, you must consider their first impression. Start thinking about what they will see when they do further searches to investigate your company. Do you have control over the things they see? An effective PPC management program addresses these kinds of concerns.

A Helping Hand

While a diligently managed online presence can get you most of the way there, you can only hit a true grand slam if you take advantage of search engine marketing. Not only can we help you build the right keyword strategy, but we also have access to Google's extensive display network and retargeting campaigns which allow us to follow your interested clients all over the web. Our staff contains certified search marketing experts who will help you build a successful campaign and show you how you can track your own return on investment (ROI). Remember: A keyword or two is not a strategy.

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