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We set a goal to combine an advertising campaign with relevant content in order to create a brand for Sugarplum Bulldogs that would expand their geographical reach and ultimately contribute more varied and widespread business. Our objective included a customized Facebook advertising solution and an updated business page that would use graphic design to help modernize Sugarplum's antiquated web presence while remaining consistent with the simple and playful image they've created for themselves.

We designed and implemented a Facebook Page that used personalized graphics to educate newcomers while simultaneously enticing the visitors to “like” the page. We also built a Facebook Advertising campaign that utilized Business Page ads, which directed users to a landing page; and Sponsored Stories, which directed users to photo albums of bulldog puppies. We taught Morgan Thomas, the owner of Sugarplum, how to use her page to inspire conversations with animal lovers, encouraging them to invite others to share in these interactions.

In the past, Sugarplum largely ignored internet marketing and focused mainly on local word of mouth. Sugarplum's owner, Morgan Thomas, has a natural love for puppies and encourages conversations whether or not they end in a sale. They rely on this emotional attachment to make their participants feel comfortable spreading the word about their bulldogs.

Over the course of six months, we grew Sugarplum's campaign through consistency, culminating in a holiday season that resulted in eight to ten puppy sales directly linking back to their efforts through Facebook. At $2,500 per puppy, this translated into $20-25k in direct sales; a return on investment so large that it doubled Sugarplum's geographical reach and gave them the push they needed to open a franchise on the opposite side of the country, with plans to expand to a third state in the near future.

Campaign Performance

Sugarplum's campaign had excellent results for a few different reasons. First, they sell puppies, which appeals to a huge audience. Puppies can be a very social topic, making it perfect to market on Facebook. The owner's innate passion for her puppies and her love of conversation naturally translates to interaction on a business page. Focusing on the puppies and not solely on sales helped her connect with her audience. Second, the campaign was highly targeted toward people who could afford these expensive purebreds. By placing the ads in front of people likely to have more money AND who are interested in bulldogs, we were able to capture the eyes of her target audience and increase their awareness of her brand. Finally, the diversity of the ads created put Sugarplum Bulldogs in front of a wider audience.

While the campaign first directed people to her website, she eventually switched to a Facebook page. This enabled us to utilize mobile ads to attract people on the go as well as sponsored stories to appeal to the friends of her fans. It also allowed her to interact with her audience, resulting in 6,882 new likes from the ads to date for a total fan base of 11,158.

The campaign for had a unique approach because, while safe children's stilts are not a widespread product, they serve as Extex's main source of revenue. The good news is that this presents a unique product to a market lacking in toys that double as exercise equipment. The campaign that we ran included a video ad, which is an effective medium for advertising on Facebook.

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