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When Tavy, owner of The Yarn Company, began advertising with Brandefined, we focused on promoting her brick-and-mortar store in the United States. We aimed for a more niche market to fit the vision that Tavy tried to promote for her business. This meant targeting the fashion industry, art college students, and clothing designers who may be interested in purchasing her products. Once Tavy's business page had begun to amass a significant fan base, she shifted her attention to international targeting in order to incite more rapid growth. We started promoting $12 shipping internationally and even created ads in different languages to specifically target the foreign market. Once she had a significant fan base, we used sponsored stories to promote even more social interaction by running specific posts that gained substantial shares and likes from the Facebook community.

Periodically, we refreshed the ads by replacing old page posts with new ones based on the natural success of posts in their first few hours on the page. We also kept a close eye on the campaign, added new photos, targeted new countries, and paused ads that slowed down. Tavy's Facebook page has gained 39,473 new likes as a result of our advertising campaign. On an average day, she now sees anywhere from 300-1,000 clicks with a four-week high of 6,083 in a single 28-day period. She also sees an average of 2,000-40,000 actions per day between ads, sponsored stories, and promoted posts.

Campaign Performance

We built a unique campaign for The Yarn Company that targeted primarily internationally. We reached people in their home countries in their native languages and this allowed us to distinguish her ads from those of other American ads. And with the addition of the specific shipping rate, we cut through the chatter and inspired her foreign audience to convert once they got to her page. Tavy also featured bright, beautifully knit pieces in her posts, which allowed us to put customized content in front of her target audience and draw their attention. Our use of uncommon images combined with a target audience that differed from the typical middle-aged female knitter separated us from the competition and allowed us to try something new and succeed. Tavy's campaign reached her ideal clients and their positive response was evident in the excellent results she received.

Sugarplum Bulldogs

Sugarplum's campaign had excellent results. Puppies appeal to a huge audience and can be a very social topic, making it perfect for Facebook. The owner's innate passion for her puppies translates into natural interactions on a business page. Focusing on the puppies helped her connect with her audience that we acquired by by placing the ads in front of interested people on Facebook.

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