Big Brand Strategies for Small Business


Education and consultation over selling... Too often advertising agencies focus on selling products regardless of benefit. Modern digital marketing and brand management is far too complicated for a “one size fits all” approach. Nuances and subtle differences separate you from your competition and a custom strategy tailored to your business is essential for long term success.


Whether you’re new to brand management or a seasoned business owner looking to partner with an agency, our mission is to meet you where you’re at and grow with you. As a creative agency and brand management firm, we are more than just a marketing company. We have the resources and experience to match your pace and budget as we take on the digital marketing landscape together.


Founded in 2011 by industry veterans, Brandefined has been, and proudly remains, a work in progress. During the rise of high-speed internet in the early 2000’s, our Founders were helping businesses adapt by establishing their online presence. In those early years of digital marketing, a comprehensive online strategy simply involved a quality website and first page visibility on the search engines. By comparison to the current technological landscape, those times were simple. If Brandefined was to continue providing effective solutions to our clients, we had to adapt.

The decade that followed saw mobile devices largely replace personal computers and the unprecedented rise of social media. By necessity, once effective online strategies had to be completely reimagined. And, with each advancement, our team responded by developing new products and solutions to help local businesses thrive. Ranging from responsive web development to comprehensive social media management, we have built the infrastructure to adapt to the changing digital landscape. We are wholly committed to working on behalf of our clients by providing effective, affordable solutions that meet today’s needs while continuing to evolve toward the future.