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Nothing New to Report

Search engine marketing and PPC management is far from new… It’s reined supreme in the realm of digital advertising for nearly two decades. Most business owners, whether dabbling with the platform themselves or hiring a service, have some experience with SEM. Over the years, attempts have been made by nefarious players to repackage search engine products and brand them as their own invention. Terms like “Search Engine Placement” or “Guaranteed First Page Placement” are fabrications intended to hide the nature of search engines. It’s an auction, nothing more, nothing less. The more you are wiling to pay for a click or ad view and the larger your daily budget, the higher on the search results you will appear.

Why Brandefined Then?

Google has thousands of “Certified Partners”, and we are one of them. Our team of analysts are second to none when it comes to keyword research and our management of your budget is flawless. The real advantage of Brandefined comes with consistency. We’re not just a search engine marketing company, we’re a full brand management firm. We will be the company who helped build your brand, that manages your content strategy, maintains your social media presence and provides advertising services… This makes us the best choice to also manage your search engine marketing needs.