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Remarketing in a Nutshell

Remarketing is a recently introduced technology that allows a business to “tag” a website visitor by placing a tracking “cookie” on their computer. As your potential customer then browses other websites, advertisements will appear in strategic locations gently reminding them about your business.

A Multitude of Benefits

In general, a prior visitor to your website is the most important person to market to. After all, there was a reason they visited your website, and in all likelihood you spent advertising dollars to get them there. Remarketing will increase your brand awareness, solidify interest, keep competitors away from your customers and dramatically improves overall conversion rates.

It’s Becoming Mandatory

Some technologies come and go with various long term implications, however remarketing is here to stay. The level of necessity is directly connected to your buying cycle. If your product or service is not a spontaneous purchase and your customers typically take hours, days or weeks to make a buying decision, remarketing is mandatory. The good news is… The long term costs of remarketing are far less than other forms of advertising and it seamlessly supports your other marketing efforts.